In the neighborhood centers of Eindhoven (Bliksembosch district as pilot project), the so-called “World Objectives Meetings” or Global Goals Measurement Points are created. It is an Information and Expo corner, featuring a Global Goals Information Board with clear information overview, which will focus on the 17 UN World Goals.

Regular Goals are provided on Global Goals, to visitors coming to the center daily. The purpose of this permanent action is to bring citizens in Eindhoven (of different categories), as well as civil society organizations and private partners, into our awareness and behavioral change process, demonstrating and experiencing that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are inseparable Being with our daily lives.


With this, our center wants to organize a number of knowledge exchange meetings for which the existing partner organizations of DvA and new partners are approached and invited, with a view to creating a physical and web platform. One of the important roles of the physical Global Goals KernPlatform is to ensure that (in the near future) one representative is chosen in each of the 9 districts to coordinate the forthcoming annual recurring activities on UN Global Goals in the neighborhoods. In addition, there is a social partnership – launched a blog to physically, but also digitally, the exchange of knowledge.


Communicating knowledge about Global Goals in the broad sense of the word; To raise awareness of the policy framework of global awareness and approach by the municipality of Eindhoven; How cooperation can be achieved between the so-called “Multi Helix Partners”; Where more attention has to be paid to those 17 Global Goals and what is needed to apply it practically.

The acquired knowledge is used to spread the pilot project of the Blixembosch to other districts, in order to integrate the Global Goals into the annual activity calendar of each district / neighborhood. In other words, bring the UN sustainable development goals close to people / citizens. At the same time, citizens show and experience that the Global Goals are inextricably linked to our daily lives.