The Center for Innovation and Sustainable Development CISD, in other words ” Sustainable for Africa , started its international partnership activities for global development in 2015, as a smart society -based and expertise center, to contribute in an innovative way to the ” Global Goals-SDG’s, adopted by the United Nations ( UN – Global Goals 2015 – 2030).

Within the CISD, Global Goals are translated into the local context through a practical application of sustainable development projects and / or concrete actions, which makes people see and experience that the sustainable development goals are inextricably linked to our daily lives.

In an efficient manner, CISD aims to be Global Goals Innovation Center, both in the Netherlands and across borders, and therefore the link between theory and practice.


We believe in sustainability as part of sustainable development, and that innovation is closely linked to a sustainable future. Our vision is to make citizens, social organizations, educational institutions and companies, the real building elements of effective sustainable development.


Under the motto “Eindhoven in the World, the World in Eindhoven”, we want to create insight and awareness among Eindhoven citizens and its environment, on UN Global Goals, so that its feasibility becomes simpler and more straightforward.

In order to fulfill our ambition, connection and partnership between different parties (Multi Helix partners) in the brainport region Eindhoven and international partners is central.


Through our innovative concepts / projects and through our social partnership community approach, ie “community partnerships network” and the new communication media, we want to bring our Center, the Global Goals into practice. Consequently, the distinctive power of Eindhoven’s international side and its efforts in innovation and sustainable development, local, national and internationa