We believe in sustainability as part of sustainable development, and that innovation is closely linked to a sustainable future. Our vision is to make citizens, social organizations, educational institutions and business, the real building element of effective sustainable development.


The Center for Innovation and Sustainable Development (CISD) aims to contribute effectively and efficiently to sustainable development. We do this by translating the Global Goals, set by the United Nations, into the local context, with concrete projects and innovative actions both in the Netherlands and across the border.

The Global Goals (SDGs) are the successors of Millennium Development Goals from 2000 to 2015, adopted by the United Nations at the end of September 2015. Compliance with the Global Goals by 2030 as a spot on the horizon is not only the responsibility of governments or rich countries but of all actors in society in all parts of the world. Countries carry out SDGs at local, national and international level. They are 17 goals with 136 sub-goals that affect the existing core tasks of municipalities such as: Sustainable Production and Consumption, Employment and Participative Governance, Waste Management, Housing and Reduction of Inequality, etc …

As the sustainability agenda is also of everyone, and now that the UN Global Goals in Eindhoven are on the agenda, our Center for Innovation and Sustainable Development (Innovation and Sustainability Center), to make this global awareness policy framework of Eindhoven more insightful for the citizens.

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WORK EXPERIENCE HUB Rwanda in partnership with ULK had visitors from the Netherlands

On Friday 18th May 2018, WORK EXPERIENCE HUB in partnership with ULK had visitors from Netherlands /Eindhoven. They reached at […]

Launching of ICT Club in ULK, in Collaboration with CISD & ARA-TECH Work Experience Hub

Launch of ICT Club in ULK (Independent University of Kigali) on 8th March 2018, The event has started from 2pm to 4pm. […]


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